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PERFUME HAUL & DECLUTTER - Curating my Perfume Collection 2020

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Dear Perfume Addict:

Please like & subscribe if you enjoyed this video 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I go live once a week (with a haul or a declutter video) and post a more formal perfume video once a week. I am a single working mom and don't have a perfect schedule, but I will have at least two videos for you to enjoy every week 😬

Fragrances mentioned:

Amouage Sunshine Woman
Tom Ford Lost Cherry
Dior Addict EDP
Guerlain Terracotta EDT
Rihanna Nude EDP
Mia La Perla
YSL Mon Paris Hair Fragrance
Layered Paris Nights

Scents of Wood L'ame du Bois - https://www.instagram.com/scentsofwood/

#1 will be called Sandalwood in Oak.
#2 will be called Plum in Cognac.
#3 will be called Orange in Chestnut.

Youtubers who go live:

@Navadine Antoinette

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Thank you for reading my description! Just an FYI I may get a small commission if you make any purchases through my links (it does not cost you anything)! & I appreciate the support soooooo much if you do so!!


Age: 29
Race: Tongan 50%, Filipino 25%, Native American 12.5%, & Caucasian 12.5%
Real Job: Paralegal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ana_absolute/
Email: anaabsolute@outlook.com

Ana Absolute
P.O. Box 212726
Anchorage, AK 99521-2726

Видео PERFUME HAUL & DECLUTTER - Curating my Perfume Collection 2020 канала Ana Absolute
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