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The Difference Between Barolo & Barbaresco

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We’re cruising along our tour of the best wines in the world, and continuing our Italian wine series, with an episode I’m particularly excited about. Today we’re looking into the crème de la crème, some of the best and most highly-regarded Italian wines, made in Piedmont, in the North of country, the two illustrious names that are Barolo, and Barbaresco. You’ve heard about these wines I’m sure, but do you know how they’re different, what are the subtle differences between them, and which one is for you, which one should you buy. We’ll find out.

00:00 - Introduction
01:37 - Barolo Vs Barbaresco: The Commonalities
05:15 - Barbaresco – Softer & More Approachable…
07:09 - Barolo – Bigger, Grippier. Wait…!
10:15 - Epilogue - Conclusion

Andrew Jefford interesting article about Barolo and Barbaresco "Myth and Reality": https://www.decanter.com/wine-news/opinion/jefford-on-monday/barolo-barbaresco-taste-myth-reality-378495/

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