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Abandoned Mansion & WWII Bunkers | New England

We visited a quiet island with an interesting past. A bike trip to the northern side of the island took us to an abandoned mansion, built in 1906. Locals also told us about abandoned WWII bunkers on the island's southern side - we were losing daylight, but made it down in time to see one of the bunker doors open, inviting us in.

I have a lot of fun researching, exploring, and filming these places - thank you for watching and supporting me.

Filmed/Edited by Jason Allard
Additional footage by Alex Medeiros

My website: www.UncomSenseMedia.com
Follow me on Instagram: @Uncomsense
Drone: DJI Spark Fly More Combo
Main Camera: DJI Osmo Pocket
Additional Camera (Alex): GoPro Hero8
Editing: Final Cut Pro X w/ custom plugins

Let’s start In the spring of 1904 when a young, wealthy businessman left the city to go on a short yacht trip with his family and some friends. On the way to their destination, they encountered some engine trouble, and it looked like the weather was turning sour. So they anchored in a small cove - this exact cove actually.

The next day he and his family woke up to a breathtaking view - the sun shining off the ocean from this almost private island. He decided that he would purchase 728 acres here on the north side, and construct a 36 room stone mansion for his family.

But tragically, at the age of 36 he died from pneumonia, and never saw his dream home completed that winter. His family never moved into the mansion, and it changed ownership through the years, until its abandonment in the 1970s.

The island it sits on is rich with history and personality, with only about 300 residents living there year round. It’s still as beautiful as that day in 1904, so we went to explore it.

Locals also told us about abandoned WWII bunkers on the island, and that there was one you could actually get inside. This isn’t uncommon in New England, where many fortifications were built on harbor islands. I covered some of these in my other videos, but I mean, abandoned bunkers are always interesting. The ones on this island were used to store missiles for coastal batteries, so I had a feeling they would be pretty big. So, we went to find those, too.
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