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10 Most Insane Celebrity Homes

10 Most Insane Celebrity Homes

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They say, home is where the heart is...and in the case of rich people, home is the place where you use all of your money to make some of the most insane living spaces in the world. If you want to find a crazy expensive home, you just gotta look at the places where famous people live and be ready to have your mind blown. Today we'll be looking at "10 Insane Celebrity Homes". You will not believe the luxury and extravagance of these spaces and you'll want to be friends with these celebrities - or even some day become one yourself - just so you can step into these modern palaces and enjoy the high life. Make sure you check that one I have at the top - it took a lot of imagination for someone to design this space.

Celine Dion’s Waterpark Mansion

Florida is a very interesting place. If you're not from there, you might have heard about it because of its theme parks, beautiful beaches, and a lot of memes and all sorts of jokes about the people who live there. But putting all of that aside, Florida is also a place where celebrities like to build their homes. That's the case of Celine Dion, who made this crazy mansion in Jupiter Island - the fancy side of Florida. And what's so crazy about this place? Besides its 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and lots of open space with great views, this home has a massive pool that can easily qualify as a water park. It even has a waterslide! Other features include five pavilions spread around the property, a massive kitchen with two islands, and a pool house with its own private kitchen. Back in the year of 2017 Celine finally decided to leave this place in the hands of someone else.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Nashville House

Don't expect celebrities to have just one house! I mean, with all that money, they can easily buy more than one. Such is the case of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban who own a penthouse in Sydney, a farm in Bunya Hill, a condo in New York, a massive house in LA and a mansion in Nashville. You can only expect that from an actress and a country music star who are required to spend a lot of time in all of these places. But their main home is the one in Nashville, and that's the one we'll be looking at today.
Lady Gaga’s Gypsy Palace

This house is famous, not only because it belongs to Lady Gaga, but also because this is the place where Bradley Cooper came to meet her to offer her the starring role for the film "A Star is Born." Gaga got this 22.5 million dollar house back in September of 2014. You would probably expect a house this big to have a lot of rooms. However, Gaga's house only has three bedrooms. All the other bedrooms were transformed into dressing rooms and extravagant storage spaces. There is even a special space for all of her leather, feather and black garments. Unsurprisingly, her wardrobe space includes a refrigerator and perhaps that's where she keeps that meat dress she wore a while ago? Who knows!? Her master bedroom is so big that it has not one, but two bathrooms, two fireplaces, a private terrace and of course...wardrobe space

Julia Roberts’ Hawaii House

When Julia Roberts went to Kauai to look for a new house, she came across this property that dates back to 1940. With a quiet setting, surrounded by ocean and mountain views - this place is the perfect escape from the fast-paced movie industry that Roberts is used to. With five bedrooms, a massive kitchen and even a two-bedroom guesthouse, this place has everything that Julia needed to have her perfect slice of paradise. However, this house no longer belongs to her. Back in 2016, Julia finally sold her house for the modest price of 16.2 million US Dollars.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s New Orleans House

New Orleans is one of the cities in the US that has become a popular spot for celebrity homes. Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage are just some of the famous people who have owned a home in this beautiful city. But perhaps, the most impressive of them all, is the house that Beyonce and Jay-Z bought in the city's Garden District. Originally a Presbyterian Church, this building was transformed into a mansion back in the year 2000. The Queen Bee and Jay Z bought it for just 2.6 million dollars - which is really nothing if you look at it from the point of view of a celebrity.

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