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Top 4 Performance Fabrics For Upholstered Furniture

If you're in the market for upholstered furniture that can withstand sunlight, pets, and kids, you may have heard about performance fabrics. Although outdoor furniture often comes to mind, there are many options when it comes to performance fabrics. In this video, Ann Marie compares the top 4 brands of performance fabrics, including the levels of protection, feel, and price, so you can find the right fabric for your lifestyle.

Want more information? Check out our deeper-dive into each performance fabric here: http://blog.circlefurniture.com/best-performance-fabrics-upholstery

Ready to check out some performance fabrics and other custom furniture options? Drop by one of our six locations: https://www.circlefurniture.com/about-circle-furniture/store-locations.cfm
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