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Most Beautiful Haunting & Powerful Female Vocal Music | Best Dramatic Evocative Vocal Music Mix

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Publisher: Colossal Trailer Music
Composers: Composed by Michael Maas, Emir Isilay, Lee Barbour, Darren Rutter, Thomas Hjorth, Laura Vall, Sandro S. Composer, Henrik Åström, Kevin Smithers, Velvet Mind Records, Uyanga Bold, Aeralie Brighton, Claudie Mackula, Sasha Bogdanowitsch and Sydney Lauren.
featuring: Featuring Christine Hals, Carrah Stamatakis, Aeralie Brighton, Uyanga Bold, Claudie Mackula, Laura Vall, Sasha Bogdanowitsch, Ganavya Doraiswamy, Sydney Lauren, Kaitlyn Rebecca Swicegood, Hannah Byrne, Kaori, Doo and Gaby Koss.
Album: ''Submersive''

00:00 Submersive
01:27 In Too Deep
03:28 Quiet Moon
05:13 Paralyzed
06:39 Ocean Lullaby
08:09 Solitude
09:34 Deep in the Ocean
11:21 The Pull of the Sea
12:56 A Song for the Sea
14:18 Han Dure the Sailor
15:31 Follow Your Path
16:57 Endless Drifter
18:31 A Distant Lament
19:40 Chant of the Deep Sea
20:26 Fallen Sailor
21:51 The Swallowing Sea
23:25 Alatulya
24:27 Forgotten

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