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World’s Strongest Man 2022…..?

POLISH POWER: Mateusz Kieliszkowski looked like a smart choice to become World's Strongest Man 2020, but injury to his tricep hurt his ability to compete. He has instead set sights on 2022.

His results over the last 2 years have seen him make the podium at all the biggest contests.

But I believe what really sets him apart is his 'banker' events. The events where he is so good he is starting to dominate even the best field of men. Such as Stones, Farmers Walk, Dumbbell and SuperYoke or Car Walk too. This makes him a very hard man to beat.

Need evidence? Then enjoy our selection of "Kieliszkowski Top-10 Performances" we have been blown away by.... Let us know what other performances you would add in to this growing body of evidence that the WSM of 2020 could be Polish again...

Mateusz’s 'greatest moments' take in a number of contests from 2016 Europe's Strongest Man to the World Tour Finals in Manchester in 2019.

4x WSM Brian Shaw recently did a video discussing this very topic - no doubt MK is who sees as his biggest threat to win his 5th title.

Do you think he is the next World’s Strongest Man? Here are his vital statistics:

Mateusz Kieliszkowski (Pol)
Age: 26
Height: 6’ 5” (1.98m)
Weight: 330lb (150kg)
1st 2018 Giants live World Tour Finals
1st 2018 Giants Live World Tour Finals
1st 2019 Giants Live Wembley
2nd   2018  World's Strongest Man
2nd 2019 World's Strongest Man
2nd   2020  Arnold Strongman Classic
3rd 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic
2nd   2018  Europe's Strongest Man
2nd   2019 Europe's Strongest Man
Poland’s Strongest Man 5 times,.

World Records
- 150kg Circus Dumbbell Press for Max Weight
- 455kg Car Walk: 10.00 secs

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