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8 Unexpectedly Dark Secrets in Video Games

Sometimes we come across something in a video game we were never expecting to find. In the spirit of Halloween, today we're diving into the most 8 Unexpectedly Dark Secrets in Video Games.

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Games Featured -SPOILERS-
Tower Unite
Hot Shots Golf Fore
Outer Wilds
Shadow Tower
Half Life: Decay
Kamaitachi No Yoru 2
Kanye Quest

Clips and References
Half Life Decay - Cut Co-op Mission

Thumbnail art by Goiaba

Special thanks to Cassandra Lipp, RanchChan, Meryn, Captain Speedruns, SwagGuy47, Donovan Kirk, Lucius, CapybaraMan1000, NicloasLoquendro, and Evan Hill and Galaxy for their contributions to this video.


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