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Heavy duty towing gone wrong!

On today's episode, watch me handle a tricky job that resulted from a pretty hard crash on the freeway. Another tow truck was called to pull this guy off to safety, and in the process one of the boxes loaded with dirt fell forward. It is my understanding that this was not the fault of the tow truck driver, since the frame/wheel locks were compromised during the initial crash.

Either way, Hulk, my Peterbilt 50ton Century rotator, was there to save the day. First step was to remove the transfer that fell off the rails, then have my heavy wrecker pull the tractor attached to the first transfer out of the way. Once airborne, my Landoll was able to back up underneath so I can set it down and strap it for transport to Fontana.

While the yard in Fontana was pretty big with a ton of room, the specific spot he wanted the units was pretty tight. I positioned Hulk to where I can lift the transfer off the back from my Landoll, and carefully swing it 90 degrees counter clockwise back onto his trailer. All in a days work over here at Pepe's!

►All footage was shot with my GoPro Hero 9/GoPro 9. My company logo and intro/outro graphics were created by https://www.instagram.com/sa.creations/

►I purchase my rigging equipment from: https://baileystowinginc.com/main.sc

► The wireless headsets that I use on all my rotators:

► Buy your own Guardian Angel Device just like mine here!

We also have a new merch store on the website where you can get Pepe's gear like hats, beanies, shirts and hoodies!

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