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New Voyage - 'Im Gonna Be 500 Miles'


NEW VOYAGE showcases a full range of Irish and Celtic musical heritage featuring ensemble and solo performances by fan favorites Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, George Donaldson with special guest 13-year-old Daniel Furlong. Performances include everything from the sweet nostalgia of “Song For The Mira” to the upbeat fan favorites “Place In The Choir“, the anthemic “Ireland’s Call” and the raucous Irish Party song, “Seven Drunken Nights”. Keith and Neil face off on guitars in the rowdy “Whiskey In A Jar” and the audience will clap along to lively solo performances such as Emmet Cahill’s rendition of “My Irish Molly-O” and Ryan’s version of the Garth Brooks hit “Friends In Low Places”. Other highlights include George Donaldson’s impeccable delivery of the much-loved ballad “Cat’s In The Cradle”, a tribute to his music idol, Harry Chapin and special behind the scenes bonus material of Celtic Thunder’s life on the road.

Видео New Voyage - 'Im Gonna Be 500 Miles' канала Celtic Thunder
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23 ноября 2016 г. 19:08:10