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A villain but make them the ✨main character ✨ // playlist

hi! ♡♡♡ (thank you all so much for the support, you are too kind ♡)
a few years back, I used to listen to this type of music but then I discovered some other genres and kind of drifted away from this one. But recently I've seen a couple of playlists with the "villain" theme, so I had to make my own. And let me tell you the songs brought back some old memories. Also the movies I've been watching and books I've been reading lately, all revolved around the "hero-villain" theme, so that was another thing that prompted me to make this. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy, 'cause you know, sometimes its more fun to imagine being the bad guy than the hero.

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Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3JnKHZYFIPylOvVIx8yB96?si=Mh20uotjQk-czxoXUTjv_Q
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None of these songs used to make this are mine. All credit goes to every single rightful owner.

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Видео A villain but make them the ✨main character ✨ // playlist канала sunsetdreams
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