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10 (more) italian idioms you need to know!

Hi! I'm Caterina and some time ago I made a video on 10 Italian expressions expression you need to know! I loved making it and I always find it funny to translate Italian idioms and expressions to English, since they often don't make any sense. Using idioms in a language that I am learning always makes me feel like I'm truly stepping into that language/culture, and not just studying grammar rules or random vocabulary. Also, trying to have fun while learning a new language will make everything easier and will help you stick with it!
I have been quite busy with uni and summer jobs, but I'm glad to be back making videos and I hope you enjoy this one!
Let me know if you have any questions on Italian or learning languages in general, I'll be happy to answer!

my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caterina_scarpelli
my email: caterinascarpelli.yt@gmail.com

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Видео 10 (more) italian idioms you need to know! канала Caterina Scarpelli
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