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Blues Lunchbox Head Shootout With Rabea & Pete

Today on Andertons TV Pete & Rabea are doing a Blues Lunchbox Head shootout. Which is your favourite?

Amps Used:
Suhr Corso https://goo.gl/QVuQ4z
Victory V40 Head https://goo.gl/Gmq8pX
Egnater Rebel 20 head https://goo.gl/5cVNzT
Peavey Classic 20 https://goo.gl/B40k0A

All amp heads went into a Victory 2x12 Cab https://goo.gl/tUfXGv

Guitars used:
The Captain's Les Paul 58
Pete's Custom Shop Strat

Pedals used:
Nobels ODR1 https://goo.gl/3DsWgX

All sounds were recorded with an Se R1 ribbon mic https://goo.gl/mDfA61 into a Universal Audio Apollo 8 https://goo.gl/lBtYhj.

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Видео Blues Lunchbox Head Shootout With Rabea & Pete канала Andertons Music Co
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Информация о видео
26 октября 2016 г. 14:30:00