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The Toy Master is in our House!

Toy Spy Lucy thinks she's getting close to locating the Toy Master so she has a plan to find him. The Junior Toy Spies Addy and Maya are happy to help with the plan but their silly dog Sandy keeps barking. Could the Toy Master be hiding inside the family's own house? You'll have to watch to find out!

Music Credits:
Wide Eyes by Alter Ego
Shadow Dancer by New Wave Sound
Black Widow by Alter Ego
Function by Bright Seed
Dimwit's Dope New Whip by Bryant Lowry
Ultra by OBOY
Murder in the Suburbs by Ryan Stubbs
Guardian by Caleb Etheridge
Bowser's Castle by Mikey Geiger
Give by OBOY
Drop It On Me Girl by Kick Lee
Go Go Robo Ranger by Matt Wigton
Feel Good Fresh by Hawksilver
Torch by Aamity Mae
Bad Boys by Alter Ego
Dog Days by Isaac Joel
Monster by Caleb Harris
No Exit by Caleb Harris
String Thing by Hill
Duchess of Doom by Hill

Видео The Toy Master is in our House! канала Tic Tac Toy
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