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Cardigan - Taylor Swift Dance Choreography ft Nicole Laeno

▶ Learn this dance with us online: http://DNCR.com
▶ Stream 'Cardigan': https://stem.ffm.to/cardigan
▶ 'Cardigan' Music Video - ILLUJN ft Madilyn Bailey: https://youtu.be/NgebX84Ap4s

Made this remix to Taylor Swift - Cardigan with vocals by my amazing friend Madelyn Bailey (@MadilynBailey), which means this song is up on SPOTIFY & APPLE MUSIC for you guys!! Just search my artist name 'ILLUJN' and you'll find it (@ILLUJN on instagram). So excited to be able to start making more music for us to dance to and really appreciate your support!!

Now about the dance, this is an advanced piece that I choreographed with Nicole to give you challenge and push you to the next level! In this routine there's isolations, grooves, tutting, footwork and some advanced musicality that will help you get to the next level. We did a full length tutorial up on http://dncr.com so go learn it with us and post up your covers!

▶ Follow Matt: https://instagram.com/MattSteffanina
▶ Follow Nicole: http://instagram.com/NicoleLaeno
▶ Follow Madelyn: http://instagram.com/MadelynBailey
▶ Follow ILLUJN: http://instagram.com/ILLUJN

#Cardigan #Dance #ILLUJN

Видео Cardigan - Taylor Swift Dance Choreography ft Nicole Laeno канала Matt Steffanina
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