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Bee Gees - Musical Evolution (1960-2016)

A retrospective of the Bee Gees' most iconic songs in chronological order (single release), from their debut on Australian television in 1960 to Barry Gibb's (the only surviving member) latest release IN THE NOW from 2016.

The selection also includes:

A) Solo efforts from Barry, Maurice, Robin and also Andy Gibb, who provided backing vocals on more than one occasion during live performances;

B) the band's most popular songs that were written for other recording artists

DISCLAIMER: This video is UNMONETISED on my channel - no copyright infringement intended. I adknowledge that I don't own the rights to the soundtrack of this video and I'm not profiting by publishing.

Видео Bee Gees - Musical Evolution (1960-2016) канала Music Chronos
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15 ноября 2017 г. 11:26:57