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Why Voldemort Couldn't Kill Dumbledore In The Ministry

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The duel between Albus Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort at the ministry was a serious battle! It was something we were all hoping for but honestly before the order of the phoenix came out, I really didn’t think JK would pair these 2 incredible wizards against each other so soon but pair them she did and what a scene it was. However I’ve always wondered why the duel ended in a stalemate. Voldemort was obviously duelling to kill while Dumbledore normally always duelled to disarm and restrain only. In todays video I’m going to analyse why the duel between the 2 seen no winner and more importantly why Voldemort failed to kill his former head master.

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Видео Why Voldemort Couldn't Kill Dumbledore In The Ministry канала Harry Potter Folklore
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