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Storm - 'Look At Me'

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Look at me, I'm cool and I'm charming
Debonair and disarming. That's me to a T.
Take a look at me
Don't need no fandangles
I've got all of the angles
Just look at me.

Look at me
I ain't no beginner, a natural winner.
That's me to a T.
Take a look at me
I can sing acapella, I'm a hell of a fella.
Just look at me

You know nothing at all about ladies
Let me give you a piece of advice
You're headed for nothing but trouble
You'll be paying a hell of a price.
Cause you think you're a bit of a killer
That the ladies will fall at your feet
They could eat you for supper
And spit you right out on the street.

Look at me
Your resistance will crumble, get ready to rumble.
1 2 3!
Take a look at me
I'm as fit as a fiddle so let's hide it a little
Just you and me.

It's a very bad time to be cocky
When you're out there on the pull
Hold your horse like a jockey
And don't rush in like a bull.
You have to be patient with ladies
And tell them what they want to hear.
Keep a steady aim on your target
Don't shoot like a young pistolier.

Take a good look at yourself, for goodness sake
For the ladies are laughing, ask yourself why.
Take a good look at yourself and you will see
A natural loser, take it from me.

Look at me, I ain't no beginner
A natural winner, that's me to a T.
Take a look at me, I can sing acapella
I'm a hell of a fella, just look at me.

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