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DIE IN THE DISCO #2: Postpunk, Gothic Rock, SynthPop, New wave, Coldwave.

On this special occasion we will have a Goth Edition of "Die in the disco" where we have as guests 4 incredible DJs from different parts of the world who will make us dance with an incredible set with a lot of Guitar and synthesizers.
00:00 Dj MaryMillions & Djdetra (The sisters of Mondays)
Claustraphobia - Broken (Schwein Mix)
The voodoo Spells - Gallows Three
The funeral Medieval - Ra
Merrys Funeral - Withe Fading Lights
Dead Born Babies - Queen of Darkness
Animal Rojo - On my grave
Exit Dust - Crisis
DG1 95 - 2020 (Feat. J Oskura Najera)
Schrodinger - Blood Eyes
Fall Shock - Feels Eternal
Insepulto - Alcance

IG: https://www.instagram.com/MaryMillions/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/djdetra/
Paypal: PayPal.me/TheSistersofMondays

36:17 Dj Rachael Redfern (The Agnes Circle)
Museum of Devotion - Those Pale Eyes
Clan of Xymox - Obsession
The Neon Judgement - Tomorrow in the Papers
Alexander Robotnick - Celle Vache de ma Mere
Boytronic - You (12")
Electric Theatre - Ballet Dancer (Night Version)
Club de Rome - Painting on Your Skin
Parade Ground - Gold Rush

MC: https://www.mixcloud.com/rachael-redfern/
Paypal: rachaelredfern@hotmail.com

1:11:56 Dj Dragnet (In Depth Music)
1. Jus Dorange - At Night
2. Opera De Nuit - Hors De Temps
3. Marian’s Disciples - Snake Of Crystal
4. Einstein Dry - Fils Du Male
5. Ellysgarden - Twice
6. Dawn Fades - Fucking Face
7. Tanit - Eyes Scream
8. Ultime Possibilité - No More Lies

IG: https://www.instagram.com/dj_dragnet/
YT: @In Depth Music
Paypal: https://paypal.me/djdragnet
Model: https://www.instagram.com/morgana_murmures/
Designer: @Yami Spechie
This project was created for promotional and non-profit purposes
but if you would like to support this project you can make your donation in the following link:
Paypal: https://paypal.me/gothwb

would you like to participate in a next edition? you can send us your links in Yamispechie@gmail.com
all copyright belongs to the artists, please support your artist by purchasing the original material.

#coldwave #goth #DieIntheDisco

Видео DIE IN THE DISCO #2: Postpunk, Gothic Rock, SynthPop, New wave, Coldwave. канала Yami Spechie
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