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kpop playlist /study/chill/sad/soft |케이팝 재생 목록 /연구/냉기/슬퍼/부드러운| 🌙


Hi ! How are you ? 😊 in any case I have prepared a playlist for you to study, to chill or simply cry if you need it. I took a lot of time to do it but I thought it was worth it because I wanted to make a fairly large playlist, I made sure that the music goes from more calm to less calm for a better start✌️all pics were edited by me (sry for my bad english)
Hope you enjoy ! ☀️

No copyright infringement intended. I don't own any of the song included in this video. All of the rights go to their respective artists and compagnies

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Background by @shato_illust on Twitter 🐈

#kpop #kpopplaylist #kpopchillplaylist

Видео kpop playlist /study/chill/sad/soft |케이팝 재생 목록 /연구/냉기/슬퍼/부드러운| 🌙 канала Mel !
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26 октября 2020 г. 5:10:32