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Every Official "Broken Arrow" Incident

A video looking at the US Department of Defense's "Narrative Summaries of Accidents Involving US Nuclear Weapons 1950-1980". Yes, there's quite a few, unfortunately.
"Broken Arrow refers to an accidental event that involves nuclear weapons, warheads or components that does not create a risk of nuclear war. These include:
Accidental or unexplained nuclear detonation
Non-nuclear detonation or burning of a nuclear weapon
Radioactive contamination
Loss in transit of nuclear asset with or without its carrying vehicle
Jettisoning of a nuclear weapon or nuclear component
Public hazard, actual or implied
Broken Arrow incidents
Main article: List of military nuclear accidents
The US Department of Defense has officially recognized at least 32 "Broken Arrow" incidents. Examples of these events include:
1950 British Columbia B-36 crash
1956 B-47 disappearance
1958 Mars Bluff B-47 nuclear weapon loss incident
1958 Tybee Island mid-air collision
1961 Yuba City B-52 crash
1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash
1964 Savage Mountain B-52 crash
1964 Bunker Hill AFB runway accident
1965 Philippine Sea A-4 incident
1966 Palomares B-52 crash
1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash
1980 Damascus Titan missile explosion, Arkansas
Unofficially, the Defense Atomic Support Agency (now known as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)) has detailed hundreds of "Broken Arrow" incidents."

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