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How Large is the Universe? Bigger than you can Imagine?

How big is the universe? Why even ask or attempt to answer that question? We’re all living our lives in our own little bubble, so why even think about something so abstract? I believe that we should explore and get a better understanding of the universe because it’s about self-discovery. Learning more about the universe tells us more about ourselves because in essence, it is us, we are the universe, we are not separate from it – we are literally it! As Alan Watts said, “we are an aperture through which the universe is exploring itself.”

My intent with this video is to show you, visually, just how large the universe is… and to also touch on what we can learn from that. Stick with me, because however big you think the universe is… it’s bigger.. much, much bigger.

Let's take a journey from the Earth and moon, to the solar system, to the Oort cloud, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Virgo Supercluster, Laniakea Supercluster, and finally the observable universe and beyond!
ESO/L. Calçada/M.
Music: The Golden Present by Jesse Gallagher

Видео How Large is the Universe? Bigger than you can Imagine? канала WISDOM FOR LIFE
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