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Genius but simple inventions 2020 that will help you in your work.
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If you want to watch the tutorial on creating these inventions, watch the video below:

CREATIVE IDEA FOR WELDING - Beginner welding Project https://youtu.be/fXiTV4K4DHE
Secret of the Masters - BEST IDEAS FOR SHARPENING DRILLS https://youtu.be/tYtOAK4jgSk
2 INTERESTING TOP Invento https://youtu.be/p1Ym3Qk8n-o
Do not throw away Old Axe - make a powerful wood splitter https://youtu.be/0KdZ7Q_AsvU
Wonderful Idea with Wrenches https://youtu.be/f56GID-KHtY
Secret to quickly welding angles. https://youtu.be/3WFIpy-a9qo
Amazing homemade inventions - most useful tool for working with wood and metal https://youtu.be/hJp5pewJLLA
Bright Idea Metal Tool https://youtu.be/_A4i4CNtQpk
BRILLIANT USE OF OLD HANGER https://youtu.be/2C2Zc5Wo9v0
Useful Tool For Welding Jobs https://youtu.be/g82db5_xc_k
Do not throw away old bearing https://youtu.be/gOQv27_DJoA

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Видео 12 SIMPLE INVENTIONS канала Mr. Inventor
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