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‘A coronavirus tsunami we had never seen before’ - BBC News

India's Covid caseload has risen sharply in the past few weeks.

The country's been reporting more than 150,000 cases a day. In January and February daily cases fell below 20,000.

So, how did India get from relative calm to its new crisis?

Workplaces, markets and malls have reopened, and transport is operating at full capacity. Big weddings, festivals and election rallies are also being held.

The result: a situation that one doctor described as a "Covid tsunami".

The BBC's Vikas Pandey and Anshul Verma report.

Additional inputs by BBC Marathi, graphics by Nikita Deshpande.

Additional footage from Reuters and Getty.

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Видео ‘A coronavirus tsunami we had never seen before’ - BBC News канала BBC News
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