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Dynamo's 5 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #2 | FactoFusion

We reveal how Dynamo, the greatest magician performs some of his amazing magic tricks. From street magic to TV shows, Dynamo has shocked the audience with some amazing tricks and he's quite good at his skills. That’s the reason his magic still remains a mystery to most of us.
So, be it his famous fish from bucket trick, or walking through a glass trick, in part 2 of Dynamo's magic reveal videos, we have tried our best to unlock the top secrets behind Dynamo's greatest magic tricks of all time.

Part 1: Dynamo's 7 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

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Below is the featured list of Dynamo's 5 greatest magic tricks revealed:
At number 5: Scarf through Phone Trick
At number 4: Fish from Bucket Trick
At number 3: Walking through Glass
At number 2: Coin through Table Trick
At number 1: Turning Incense Stick to Fire

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So guys, which Dynamo trick did you like the most?
We think Dynamo is the greatest magician ever. Who do you think, is the greatest?
Leave us a comment below..

Thanks for watching!

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