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The BEST 48th scale kit EVER !? MINIBASE SU 33 FULL BUILD

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Minibase 1/48 Su-33 Flanker-D
Welcome to this video which is condensed version of the 12 part fully detailed build video series for this kit !

So who knows what the best kit is ever? but this is certainly the most detailed 1/48th jet aircraft kit produced in injection plastic with PE and metal details.

0:00 Introduction
0:14 K-36DM Ejection Seat
5:33 Cockpit
9:13 NLG Bay
11:39 NLG
16:54 Intakes / Compressor fans
18:22 MLG
22:10 MLG Bays
25:55 Wings / Flaps
27:17 HUD / Canopy
31:24 Fuselage Join
34:10 Camo Paint
38:55 Metallics
41:06 Decals
42:02 Weathering / Panel Lining
44:18 Pylons / Armament
45:44 Final assembly
48:39 REVEAL !
This Sukhoi 33 is the naval Flanker with beefed up gear and some external changes most notable the folding wings and folding tail planes.

Minibase philosophy "Minibase is a newly established scale model manufacturer in China, we supply injection-moulded scale model sets and other related products. We have fully utilized the most advanced technology and manufacturing lines, designed the moulding with accurate details with the attitude of "No compromises", which makes our products comes with top-notch quality and enable us to strive for the best quality of scale models."
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Видео The BEST 48th scale kit EVER !? MINIBASE SU 33 FULL BUILD канала The Bear
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