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EPICA - Beyond The Matrix - Live at the Zenith (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Watch Epica play 'The Holographic Principle' hit "Beyond the Matrix" at their biggest headliner to date at Zénith Paris, February 4, 2017.

To celebrate five years since our biggest headliner to date on February 4, 2017, we've got another high quality live video from Zénith Paris. "Beyond the Matrix" joins fellow 'The Holographic Principle' track "Dancing In a Hurricane," alongside the title track from 'Consign to Oblivion.'

Watch all three "Live at the Zenith" videos here: https://bit.ly/Epica-Zenith-Paris-Live

Shot and edited by Jens de Vos - Panda Production

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Видео EPICA - Beyond The Matrix - Live at the Zenith (OFFICIAL VIDEO) канала EPICA
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