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What Does $20 Get You in Caracas, Venezuela? 🇻🇪 (80 Million Bolívares)

Today I will be showing you what 20 Dollars can get you in Caracas, Venezuela. As many of you may know, Venezuela has been suffering from hyper inflation for many years now and the problem is just getting worse everyday! At the time that I filmed this video 20 USD was 80 Million Bolívares and today, just a week later it is much worse! Today we will help out some local Venezuelan street workers, as well as check out a local mall here in Caracas to purchase a Venezuelan sim card. I hope you enjoy this tour through Caracas, Venezuela!

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Видео What Does $20 Get You in Caracas, Venezuela? 🇻🇪 (80 Million Bolívares) канала Travelwithchris
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