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loudQuietloud: A Film About the Pixies - Found Tapes

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Found Tapes is a new weekly show that highlights some of the rarest, wierdest, and sometimes just really cool videos that people send to us. This week, Found Tapes hops in the van with indie rock greats The Pixies to document their 2004 reunion tour and get the scoop on what really happened after they first split.

Creative differences split them up back in 1993, but time has a way of healing even the most grievous wounds. A few phone calls and low-key rehearsals in 2003 finally culminated in the news that the reunion so many people had been waiting for was nigh. In 2004, when The Pixies finally put over a decade's worth of reunion rumors to rest and announced that they'd be hitting the road together once again. Since then, they've released an outright deluge of new material, bid farewell to Kim Deal, and given the overall impression of a band reborn. Deal's departure was a heavy blow, but she remains on good terms with the band; as this documentary shows, old issues die hard.

Directed by Matthew Galkin and Steven Cantor, loudQuietloud: A Film About the Pixies was originally released in 2006, and has been lovingly dug up by Found Tapes. It's an intimate look behind the scenes of one of indie rock's greatest success stories.

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Видео loudQuietloud: A Film About the Pixies - Found Tapes канала Noisey
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