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Oliver Queen's Entire Arrowverse Timeline Explained

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The CW's Arrow may have ended its eight season run, but the legacy of Oliver Queen will live on in the lives of the heroes he inspired. Throughout the show's timeline, our deeply flawed hero strives to become better. In doing so, he saves his city and the entire multiverse.

Oliver Queen is the oldest son of billionaire developers Robert and Moira Queen. Always a restless bad boy, Oliver is mostly interested in getting in trouble with his lifelong friends Tommy Merlyn and Laurel Lance. Though he occasionally spends time with his sister Thea, he spends most of his time partying, sleeping around, getting kicked out of expensive schools, and otherwise wasting time because of boredom and apathy. The only thing he takes seriously is his relationship with Laurel, though when they're about to move in together, Oliver panics and sleeps with Laurel's younger sister, Sara. One fateful day, Oliver takes a voyage on a yacht with his father, Sara, and a few others.

Unbeknownst to them, Tommy's sinister father Malcolm has sabotaged the boat. When it explodes at sea, Sara is swept overboard, but Robert, Oliver, and an assistant survive. Adrift in a life raft, Robert tells Oliver,

"[The family's wealth was] built on the suffering of others."

This begins a series of events that reveal Oliver's tenacity and his great fortune in the number of people who help him.

Oliver makes it to the shore of an island he later learns is called Lian Yu, which means "Purgatory" in Chinese. While burying his father, he discovers a notebook in his pocket, which he takes with him. When Oliver encounters a man named Yao Fei Gulong , his life changes forever. Yao Fei turns him over to a mercenary named Edward Fyers, who is in the middle of a complicated assassination plot. Oliver learns that Fyers is holding Yao Fei's daughter Shado hostage and frees her with the help of a mercenary sent to stop Fyers named Slade Wilson. During the course of this adventure, Oliver receives combat training from Wilson, archery training from Shado, and survival training from Yao Fei. He proves to be a quick study in each, as nothing is more motivating in acquiring a skill than being threatened with deat. Keep watching the video to see Oliver Queen's entire Arrowverse timeline explained!

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Oliver Queen, party boy | 0:15
Lian Yu | 1:22
The Curse of Mirakuru | 2:09
Killing Kovar | 3:10
The Undertaking | 3:59
Sins of the Father | 4:53
The Chief of Assassins | 6:00
Ollie for Mayor! | 6:54
The New Team | 8:14
Enter the Dragon | 9:08
You Have Saved this City | 9:52
You Have Saved this Multiverse | 10:51

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