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I Wore 5-Toe High Heels For A Week

Hello friends! The ugly fashion series is BACK! So sorry for the delay in uploading, we're just trying to get our operations situated in our new spot! Hopefully there will not be quite so long a wait for the next video!!

This week I am taking on another questionable fashion item, and testing out the Balenciaga x Vibram separated toe high heels! The internet was very unnerved when these bad boys hit the scene and though it's been a while since I took on an "ugly" piece of clothing, I felt like it was time to make a comeback. So I styled these bizarre shoes for a week to see what, if anything, I could glean about why they came to be.

Quick note -- I did include some pre-2020 footage, so anything you see inside of me in a store is from before 2020! Also, we made sure to take any sans-mask shots in very isolated area, with not another person in sight!

This video is NOT sponsored!!

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