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The Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope Video v1.3 1080p (the best of 1.2 at half speed)

This is the technology. This is what it looks like:


You are going to love this. I made all of you an educational web tutorial with the idea that I would share it online for others with the OPEN SOURCE Adobe Air code for this project if you want to learn how to do this yourself. http://www.hdcolors.com/#tutorial http://www.hdcolors.com/#credits http://www.FreeWorldBank.org

Now that Flash is officially dead, I'll show you something I did in Flash that I converted to Adobe Air and that still works today in Adobe Air with some broken user interface functionality. I modified my kaleidoscope generator to apply a PixelBender 3D spherize filter for a pulsing effect based on the MP3 audio file frame Peak Amplitude input levels. This allows musicians to create kaleidoscope videos that are synchronized with the songs.

The the PixelBender spherize filter gets its values from an XML list of peak amplitudes for the video frame based on my own background online PHP web service that analyzes MP3 files. That functionality worked in 2012 but that online server is down right now. I later disabled that functionality but it is still in the user interface. Maybe I'll bring that site back up. The URL for that site was http://mp3cruncher.org (currently offline).

I made this as a student in a community college Flash class in 2009. It is an image processing SCRIPT in Adobe ActionScript. It is SUPER SLOW ultra basic 2D animation by a beginning Flash student. It renders each frame of the kaleidscope and records SCREENSHOTS that are saved in UNCOMPRESSED BMP format to an output directory.

The function and variable names are intentionally verbose and descriptive as an alternative to explanatory English language documentation inside the code. It's really professionally embarrassing and I am opening myself up to tons of harsh criticism by sharing this. That's why I didn't Open Source the whole thing earlier. Plus giving people direct access to the subconscious mind is a power that you don't really want everybody to have. Maybe I'm being too careful.

In the original Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope Video v1.1, it is a 2 hour HD video with 240 fractal flame still images. Each image takes up 30 seconds of video time.

In my opinion, that turns WAY TOO FAST. It is NOT SOOTHING to me today. But when I first made it in 2009, that's the speed I liked. But some other people like it fast. I like it much slower than that these days. I'm 54-years-old with severe PTSD and schizoaffective disorder. I'm in the "Please help me relax" demographic.

The final kaleidoscopes look nothing like the original input images to human beings because the context of the image elements taken as a whole are lost. Especially when you are using a high number of wedges in the kaleidoscope. This one uses 30 mirror imaged wedges. So the result is very abstract. If you only used say 6 mirrrored wedges for the kaleidoscope, then the original image is easier to recognize in the video by humans.

The idea is to choose something with a lot of lines and colors and details and fine patterns. The way the kaleidoscope works is to make a circle right in the middle of the images where the diameter of the circle is the distance from edge to edge on the shortest side. So that's the part of the image that shows up. I'm giving you the image requirements for a 4K video (4410 pixels on the shortest side). If you just want your video to be HD instead of Ultra HD, you can use images that are 2206 pixels on the shortest side.

I recommend you take a futuristic long view and make a beautiful 4K Kaleidoscope Music Video. My emphasis here is on CREATING the MOST REWARDING VISUAL EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE by showing off the resolution of the 4K HDTVs (like a 4K TV product demo in a store). You may decide that a blurry kaleidoscope has an emotionally softening effect that psychologically works for you and your audience. Some people INTENTIONALLY make BLURRY kaleidoscopes. I like to make DETAILED kaleidoscopes.


Here is the image I liked the most.









Видео The Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope Video v1.3 1080p (the best of 1.2 at half speed) канала HDCOLORS
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