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Lari Basilio on Bending the G String the "Wrong" Way and the 'Ibanez Generation' | Guitar Villains

Welcome to Guitar Villains! Today's guest is the instantly recognizable Lari Basilio.
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Lari's guest solo on "Reverie" - https://youtu.be/eGAnk7szsuI
Follow Lari on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/larissabasilio
Follow Lari on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laribasilio/

0:00 - Introduction
3:40 - Lari’s supervillain alter-ego
6:40 - Burning Questions
8:34 - Name Those Notes
9:35 - What does it take to be successful in the studio?
13:04 - How does phrasing work?
17:30 - JamTrack Central is the Shrapnel Records of the YouTube era
20:59 - Lari’s unique G bending technique
24:52 - The Ibanez LB1 and its origin
32:50 - The future of social media for guitar players
35:30 - Lari quit being a lawyer to play guitar
37:10 - Lari’s Brazilian roots
39:38 - The effect of the Ibanez generation
44:20 - Lari’s supervillain advice

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Видео Lari Basilio on Bending the G String the "Wrong" Way and the 'Ibanez Generation' | Guitar Villains канала Music is Win
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