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90s OPM Band Hits Live

A compilation of 90s OPM band hits live performed by members of popular Pinoy rock bands of the 90’s and onwards - Jett Pangan (The Dawn), Paco Arespacochaga (Introvoys), Wency Cornejo (After Image), Cooky Chua (Color It Red), Medwin Marfil (True Faith), Naldy Padilla (Orient Pearl), Dong Abay (Yano), Perf De Castro (Rivermaya), and Lei Bautista (Prettier than Pink).

Videos are from the "The 90s Live (OPM Rock)" playlist combined into a 2-hour long video:

Shortcut to each clip:
0:00 "Enveloped Ideas" by Jett Pangan (The Dawn), 1987
3:20 "Talaga Naman" (2006) by Jett Pangan
6:55 "Kailanman" (1993) by Paco Arespacochaga (IntroVOYS)
9:42 "Di Na Ko Aasa Pa" (1992) by Paco Arespacochaga
13:19 "Mangarap Ka" (1995) by Wency Cornejo (After Image) with Paco Arespacochaga on drums
18:44 "Habang May Buhay" (1996) by Wency Cornejo and Cooky Chua
23:36 "Na Naman" (1994) by Cooky Chua (Color It Red)
25:38 "Huwag Na Lang Kaya" (1994) by Medwin Marfil (True Faith)
28:31 "Alaala" (1995) by Medwin Marfil
31:34 "Kasalanan" (1995) by Naldy Padilla (Orient Pearl)
36:06 "Tsinelas" (1994) by Dong Abay (Yano)
38:31 "Esem" (1994) by Dong Abay
41:57 "Ulan" (1994) by Perf De Castro (Rivermaya)
45:36 "Awit ng Kabataan" (1994) by Perf De Castro
49:41 "Ang Boyfriend Kong Baduy" (1997) by Lei Bautista (Prettier than Pink), originally by Cinderella (1975)
52:33 "Manila Girl" by Medwin Marfil; a song from the band Put3ska (1995)
54:09 "Bilanggo" by Naldy Padilla; a song by Rizal Underground (1995)
57:24 "Buloy" by Paco Arespacochaga; a song by Parokya ni Edgar (1996)
1:01:04 "Multo sa Paningin" by Wency Cornejo, a song from the band The Youth (1994)
1:02:57 "Laklak" by Jett Pangan; a song from the band Teeth (1995)
1:05:26 "Long Hair" by Dong Abay; a song by The Weedd (1995)
1:07:26 "Huling El Bimbo" by Cooky Chua (and the rest of them at the latter part of the performance), a song by Eraserheads (1995)
1:11:35 "Your Love" by Lei Bautista; a song by Alamid (1995)
1:14:35 "Kaleidoscope World" by Perf De Castro; a song by Francis M. (1995)
1:17:48 "214" (1994) by Perf De Castro
1:22:10 "Paglisan" (1994) by Cooky Chua
1:26:56 "Pagsubok" (1995) by Naldy Padilla
1:30:44 "Iisang Bangka" (1992) by Jett Pangan with Naldy Padilla
1:34:44 "Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo" (1994) by Dong Abay
1:38:51 "Cool Ka Lang" (1995) by Lei Bautista
1:42:28 "Perfect" (1993) by Medwin Marfil
1:46:26 "Line to Heaven" (1993) by Paco Arespacochaga
1:49:26 "Next in Line" (1995) by Wency Cornejo (the rest eventually joined)
1:56:07 "Salamat" (1989) by all the 90's OPM band vocalists above ⬆️ (finale)

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