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Getting Documents From Italy For Italian Citizenship

When going through the process for Italian citizenship by descent via the legal principle of Jure Sanguinis / Jus Sanguinis, or via a 1948 case, it is necessary to locate and acquire documents from Italy. For most people getting a birth certificate from Italy noting the necessary details of your ancestor will be the required certificate. This is regardless of whether you decide to move to Italy and apply in Italy for Italian citizenship through ancestry or if you decide to make your petition for citizenship through the consulate for your jurisdiction or the courts of Rome. In this episode of the Italian Citizenship Podcast, hosts Marco Permunian, an Italian attorney, along with video podcaster and dual-citizen expat living in Italy, @Rafael Di Furia - Not Your Average Globetrotter, talk about these requests and what to expect when making a request for a birth certificate from Italy for your Italian ancestor for the purpose of getting Italian citizenship.

Italian Citizenship Podcast EP 62:
Getting Documents From Italy For Italian Citizenship By Descent ( Jure Sanguinis)

For help with the Italian citizenship process and more information about Italian Citizenship Assistance visit ICA's website:

To contact Italian Attorney Marco Permunian and his team of dual-citizenship experts and attorneys you can use the contact form on the Italian Citizenship Assistance website:

To see more from @Rafael Di Furia - Not Your Average Globetrotter about life in Italy and life as a dual citizen expat check out his YouTube channel and website:

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