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DIY transfer a photo to a canvas at home

In this project I show how to transfer a photo to a canvas using a Laser printed photo, a canvas and white glue. Modge podge is a very good transfer medium, but white glue works as well as modge podge.
This DIY project is very easy: once we have printed the photo in a laser printer (an inkjet printed photo will not work properly), we only have to put some glue on the canvas: enough to create a thin layer of glue, but not too much, as it will make it very difficult to work with afterwards.
After putting the layer of glue on the canvas, we have to let it dry overnight and then use a sponge and water to softly rub off the paper, leaving the photo below.

Once you have finished rubbing off the paper, the photo will be ready! It can happen that there is a thin layer of paper that shows after the canvas dries off: repeat the process (more carefully every time) until you get rid of it.

Try with different canvas sizes, and different photos! If you want to change the photo, or you rub off too much with the sponge, you can always start again by removing the photo with the sponge with a more vigorous rubbing, let it dry, and start again!

Видео DIY transfer a photo to a canvas at home канала RandomHacks
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