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Inside Taranto, Italy, A Hidden Gem with $1 Homes

Taranto, Italy may not be featured in many travel guides, but it might soon be. Have you heard all the buzz about these 1 Euro homes in Italy? It's an enticing trend that's taken the world by storm; the promise of owning a place of your own, nestled in the heart of the Italian countryside, for the absurdly low price of just one euro, or a little more than one American dollar, but are they really that cheap? There has to be some kind of catch, right? Well, yes and no.

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From the quaint Sicilian community of Cammarata to the pristine mountain village of Ollali, there are quite a few shrewd Italian destinations that have gotten in on all of the action. And can you blame them? This one euro home business is great publicity.

Taranto, one of the first cities to join this unique club, is a port town on the coast of Puglia located on the heel of Italy. In recent years, its population has begun to dwindle due to economic and environmental reasons and the local officials definitely want to reverse this downward trend.

Buyers hoping to get their hands on a piece of property here must commit to renovating the properties while abiding by strict architectural standards if they want to keep them and this process can cost thousands of dollars. That would be the 'catch' you were looking for, but if you have the time and money to take on such a project, it just might be well worth it.

The hope is that these dilapidated old buildings can be renovated and their new tenants can help build back up the population. While that might sound like a good plan, at this point, you're probably curious to see what the Italian town of Taranto is all about. Watch this video to learn all about its appeal and what the city is actually offering people interested in their 1 Euro home promo.

Inside Taranto, Italy, A Hidden Gem with $1 Homes
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