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16 Vehicles So Big They Could Carry Skyscrapers

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Hey guys! Today, you’ll see the biggest, the baddest, the most impressive achievements of human industry - the largest machines and vehicles in the world. Have you ever heard about the robotic dragon? Measuring at 50 ft in length and 11 tons in weight, this elephant-sized monster was built in July 2010 after three years of work. It was made to play the role of — you guessed it — the Dragon in a German theater play.

In the category of machines that can haul stuff, Belaz 75710 is the absolute leader. This monster truck from Belarus is as tall as five average people, and even a single wheel of this vehicle is taller than a person. Weighing 360 tons when empty, it can carry a load equal to four blue whales. This makes Belaz both the heaviest hauling truck ever made and the strongest vehicle by far. But for such trucks to carry their load, something needs to move it to them first. And the best mover out there is certainly the LeTourneau L-2350 Loader. But you better see for yourself.


Preview photo credit:
AMBACH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 1: One of the world's largest bucket-wheel excavators digging lignite (brown-coal) in of the world's deepest open-pit mines in Hambach on September 1, 2010: By Corlaffra/Shutterstock.com, https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/hambach-germany-september-1-one-worlds-145971419
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The robotic dragon 0:19
La Princesse from Liverpool 0:52
Belaz 75710 1:31
LeTourneau L-2350 Loader 1:59
Liebherr R 9800 2:32
The king of all excavators 2:52
The F60 Overburden Conveyor Bridge 3:40
The massive hauler used by NASA 4:09
The world’s biggest cargo airplane 4:48
Stratolaunch 5:23
The Big Bike 6:00
The heaviest tunnel boring machine 6:33
The largest ship ever made 7:00
The biggest single-dish radio telescope 8:01
The huge and mighty Big Hadron Collider! 8:40

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