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Breathtaking Match in Glasgow | Ronnie O'Sullivan vs John Higgins | 2009 Grand Prix - Last 16

High standard, fought frames and drama characterize this excellent snooker match. Both players are near their best for most of this match played in Glasgow, Scotland, where of course it is John Higgins who receives the support of the public and does not intend to disappoint them, but Ronnie O'Sullivan plans to spoil the party, and his odds are favorable: of their previous 7 meetings in Scotland, he had won 5 times, including 3 finals. Enjoy the match!

The statistics shown in the video correspond to the time the match was played.

The controversial 2010 Higgins meeting: Information for people who had no opportunity to investigate further:

1. Mazher Mahmood, editor of the newspaper and 'gangster' in the video, was known for living performing similar traps (actors and other sport stars). In October 2016, he was jailed for a year for tampering with evidence in a case involving a singer (a victim of his traps).

2. The original video lasts 11 minutes, but they only showed 4 min.
IMO, the video has too many cuts, answers with no question and vice versa. They didn't keep the dialogue structure despite being professional journalists who own the raw footage. Eg, they maybe excluded all scenes of fear and intimidation; and perhaps they brought up the subject of foreign properties to cover up the money and led us to believe that it was Higgins' initiative.

3. QC Ian Mill* headed a second independent investigation -the first one was led by David Douglas, former detective chief at Scotland Yard - He had access to all original videos and audio tapes (as Douglas had). He concluded textually: "I have no doubt that the Association was right to conclude that this account by Mr Higgins was a truthful one." His conclusion on Pat Mooney: "he committed the most egregious betrayals of trust ".

Audiotapes reveled that Pat Mooney was aware of the 'bribery' three weeks before the meeting, but he only told Higgins they were rich sponsors.

*Queen's Councel Ian Mill is considered an authority in sport bribery cases in Formula 1, Football Premier League, Tennis ATP, among others.

Statement from David Douglas: http://www.sportingintelligence.com/2010/09/21/revealed-why-john-higgins-was-cleared-of-match-fixing-because-the-evidence-including-a-statement-from-mazher-mahmood-told-the-full-story-210901/

Cesar Muroya created his unique editing technique to extract the essence of the game without losing the drama involved. Contextual information displayed is another innovation that viewers appreciate. This format is not intended to replace full unedited matches, but to be an additional alternative to the delight of snooker fans.

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Видео Breathtaking Match in Glasgow | Ronnie O'Sullivan vs John Higgins | 2009 Grand Prix - Last 16 канала Cesar Muroya
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