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Italian Dining Etiquette and Customs: What to Do When Italians Invite You to Dinner (Food & Manners)

Italian Dining Etiquette and Customs: What to Do When Italians Invite You to Dinner (Food & Manners) //// Do you want to take your Italian to the next level? Click here: https://www.italymadeeasy.com/

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Welcome back to another video from Italy Made Easy! In today's video, we'll be going over what to do when Italian invite you to dinner! That's right, we're going to talk about Italian dining etiquette and customs! Everybody wants to make a good impression when eating food, whether it be at a restaurant or a home setting. The thing is, many cultures have different rules and table manners that should be followed when eating in order to make a good impression. As you can imagine, the Italian culture is no different! So, watch this video and learn about Italian dining etiquette and customs so you can make a good impression if an Italian invites you to dinner!

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About Italy Made Easy and Manu Venditti:

Italy Made Easy is the channel and brand that helps English speakers learn, practice, improve and master the Italian language. Learn Italian, master Italian pronunciation, practice Italian listening and comprehension and learn more about the Italian culture.

Manu Venditti, 100% born and bred Italian, polyglot is a real Italian teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching Italian to English speakers. With students from all parts of the world, Manu has developed a method to learn Italian that works and that is not focused on Italian grammar and exercise, but rather on communication. With videos in slow Italian with subtitles and Italian lessons in English, you are guaranteed to “get it”. Learning Italian has never been easier!

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Видео Italian Dining Etiquette and Customs: What to Do When Italians Invite You to Dinner (Food & Manners) канала Italy Made Easy
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