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Monsterverse Titans | ANIMATED Size Comparison

Hello ladies and gents and welcome to GojiCenter's first video featuring an animated size comparison of Monsterverse Titans! This is an animated reel showcasing some titans that appeared in all of the Monsterverse Films and Graphic Novels including: Godzilla 2014, Kong: Skull Island 2017, Godzilla KOTM 2019, and graphic novels such as:

Godzilla Awakening: https://amzn.to/3iORkch
Skull Island: Birth of Kong: https://amzn.to/36RMSXS
Godzilla: Aftershock: https://amzn.to/3jSXA3S

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Kaiju Order from start to finish:

Juvenile Kong - Skull Island: Birth of Kong
Mothra Larva - Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Kong 1973 - Kong Skull Island 2017
Kong's Parents - Skull Island: Birth of Kong
Kong Adult - Skull Island: Birth of Kong
Mothra Adult - Godzilla KOTM
Rodan - Godzilla KOTM
Shinomura - Godzilla Awakening (whether this titan is canon or not is in dispute)
Male Muto - Godzilla 2014
Female Muto - Godzilla 2014
Queen Muto - Godzilla KOTM
Muto Prime (Jinshin Mushi) - Godzilla Aftershock
Titanus Scylla - Godzilla KOTM
Titanus Behemoth - Godzilla KOTM
Titanus Methuselah - Godzilla KOTM
Titanus Kong - Godzilla vs Kong 2021
Dagon - Godzilla Aftershock
Godzilla -
Godzilla 2019 - Godzilla KOTM
Ghidorah (Monster Zero) - Godzilla KOTM

Music Composed by Alec Koff: Aquired from his exclusive Paetron


Gojicenter does not own the rights to any of the titans shown in this video. The purpose of this video is for recreational and informative purposes only.
Gojicenter is not affiliated with Legendary Pictures or Warner Brothers.

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