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On the Hunt Ep.9 - Will It Start Kenworth K100

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On this “On the Hunt” Episode I return to the yard full of minty old trucks that I found in Episode 7 to take a closer look at the 1979 Kenworth K100 Cabover truck.

After chatting on the phone with the owner, who shares my love for old iron and suffers from the same affliction of adopting orphaned rigs, he agreed to have me return and see if we could start the old girl.

He bought it years ago from a farmer who just had it sitting in a field primarily for the motor and trans (CAT 3406A + 13 speed Fuller) and its been sitting in his yard ever since. He was planning on pulling the engine and trans for another one of his trucks (W900A) but never got around to it.

Upon initial inspection, we noticed that someone had been in his yard and stolen the exhaust leading up to the turbo. Trying to turn the turbo impeller was difficult even with vice grips but we decided it could still run without turning so we proceeded to install some batteries. Unfortunately, the batteries were a little weak so we gave them a boost with his service truck (you can hear it idling in the background).

After priming the fuel then applying some pre-heat it began cranking and as soon as it started turning freely it fired right up. Owner wasn’t sure how long it was sitting but has been long enough that he cant remember how many years. Good old Caterpillar engines … you just can’t kill em’

Aluminum frame with torsion bar suspension (very rare). Some cracking near the rear diff mounts that’ll need repairing before it’ll pass a CVIP. The owner’s dad “borrowed” the 24.5 aluminum budd wheels and hubs that need to be put back on for it to look right.

As I say in the video, it would make a hell of an Iron Duke replica truck (search up High Ballin movie with Jerry Reed and Peter Fonda) and would be a great addition to the fleet. Hmmmm…

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for all the comments, suggestions and support!
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