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Celebs Who Let Fame Go To Their Heads

Fame is a crazy drug whose highs can cause some stars to lose touch with reality. Here are some famous celebrities who let their star status go to their heads.

#Divas #MariahCarey #JustinBieber

Bieber's a bad egg | 0:12
Mariah is lamb-tastic | 1:33
Legend in his own mind | 2:35
What does the Fox say? | 4:02
Caged by debt | 4:59
Lohan is a nightmare | 6:03
Captain Jack needs to chill | 6:58
Chasing Success | 8:09
Citizen Witherspoon | 9:24
Bad blood | 10:28

Видео Celebs Who Let Fame Go To Their Heads канала Nicki Swift
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