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**Electric Unicycle Tutorial For Beginners** - Kingsong 16S

How do you ride an electric unicycle? I will walk you through step by step how to get the basics down riding an electric unicycle by using the Kingsong 16S as our example. It's up to you to have the determination and drive to learn to ride. I promise, the reward will be worth it!
(Filmed in Sanford, Maine)

Get your Electric Unicycle here! https://www.ewheels.com/product-category/advanced-electric-wheels/

0:00 Introduction
2:13 Overview of my Electric Unicycle
3:34 Euc Unlock/Modes/Apps
3:58 Safety Gear
6:05 Mount dominant foot
7:12 Rock Euc back and forth
8:22 half moon drills
9:39 stand on wheel, rock it back and forth
12:10 minimal assistance training
14:55 launching off from pole
16:35 Turning
18:39 pendulum swings
19:40 mounting /launching without assistance

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How to ride electric unicycle
electric unicycle for beginners
Electric Unicycle Tutorial for Beginners #electrichobbies

Видео **Electric Unicycle Tutorial For Beginners** - Kingsong 16S канала ElectricHobbies+
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