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Juzzie Smith

. Jazzie Smith, The One man Band Blues-man. I had the pleasure of playing with him on Harmonica as well we did a dueling Harmonica as well. He tought me a bit or too in those little moment at the Mulumbimby Markets NSW on a Saturday Morning. . He spends a lot of the time around the Byron Bay Shire NSW but he goes over seas a bit I think one of the stop-overs was Canada. and when he's in Austral he's all over Australia. You can't keep a good man down. He plays and loves the Sigar-box Guitar and the Lap steel Guitar. and loves the steel. of couse not forgeting the Harmonica. He also plays and jugles the Balls and sounds likes shakers. He has many Rythems and styles. and some of it he makes it up as he goes. he goes. and of couse has a lovley Family to go with it all. A great life he has. with a great smile on his face to go with it. Go Juzzie. Thats what I need a Harmonica belt for my Harmonica's. we Harmonica players need a good belt for the waste.. Then we are Bullit proof. . With so many harps we need to highlite them to see what keys they are.

Видео Juzzie Smith канала Jimmy Lowe
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