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Fighter Pilot Reacts to TOP GUN: Maverick Trailer # 2

This covers the comments below and the "Behind The Scenes" video.
A couple of notes since this video has been out:
Yes Tom Cruise flew in a real jet for a lot of these scenes. No he wasn't in the front seat. Yes most of the flying is real. No it's not all real. I used CGI interchangeably with post production/editing/splicing. I should've been more clear. Some of the scenes may be only spliced, some may be CGI, some may be just post production magic. But the scenes in this video where I said were CGI (generically):
- The cockpit shot (specifically, not the external shot) showing Cruise underneath the Hornet after the "Cobra." There is zero chance that is real because A) It's an E model in the external shot which is single seat and B) They wouldn't allow that stunt to be done with a fam rider.
- The "Maverick splits the formation." The two jets are in cruise formation (a few hundred feet apart). The Navy isn't going to risk a midair and balling up 3 jets for a movie. This is obviously done in post, whether it's CGI or otherwise, I dunno.
- The two jets rolling. I really don't know on this one whether it's CGI, post production magic to make two jets look closer together, or otherwise. The odds of them being this close together are pretty low. Even the Blue Angels don't do maneuvers like this while rolling because there's a high risk of killing each other when you're canopy to canopy.
- SR-72/Aurora and F-14 are obviously CGI
- Maverick in the beginning in the E model is definitely CGI. Tom Cruise only did back seat fam rides in the Super Hornet (F model).

People have also gotten stuck on my "Training Rules" comments. I meant that vs real life, not in terms of filming. These are scripted formation maneuvers, so the training bubble doesn't apply. What I'm saying is that in a real training environment, you'd never be this close, but this is for a movie and it the jets NEED to be close for the viewer. I'm not saying they wouldn't allow jets to be inside of 500'. We fly inside of 3' in fingertip all the time.

With all of that said, I am EXCITED about this movie. I can't wait to see it. People asked for a reaction video going over "what's real" and that's what this was meant to be. I can't wait to see it, and I don't see any issues at all with having a little CGI/editing/whatever to make it more exciting in places where it simply wasn't feasible to have the jets do what they needed without trading paint.

Hope that clears things up. Thanks for watching!
Original Description:
The second TOP GUN: MAVERICK trailer is out! As requested, here's my reaction to it. I can't wait for this movie!


Видео Fighter Pilot Reacts to TOP GUN: Maverick Trailer # 2 канала C.W. Lemoine
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