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👣 Pedicure Tutorial: Satisfying Toenail Transformation 👣

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This video is about Pedicure Tutorial: Thickest Toenail Ever Transformation. My goal here today is to relieve the ingrown toenail pain she feels under her big toenail. The nail wall is not where it is supposed to be.

One reason it is so important to shorten nails like this is they can collect so much build-up under the nail. This material is a collection of exfoliated skin cells, preparation, dirt and soap bubbles. I know you think that sounds weird but when you wash your hair and body in the shower the bubbles will get under the nails and if they aren’t rinsed away they dry and Harden.

In addition to having the signs of a rams horn toenail she also has signs on nail fungus. In order for any topical solution to be effective the nail needs to be free of all the buildup.

In situations where someone has a toenail that gets thick or starts to curve the nail can get worse if it is not thinned out because the nail will hit the top or end of the shoe they are wearing. The trauma caused to the matrix by the nail hitting the shoe or just the pressure on the nail in the shoe will cause the nail to grow even thicker.

When the nail gets thick it is hard to trim when it is hard to trim it gets too long, it is just a vicious circle. She did contemplate going to see a podiatrist to have it removed but she wants to have a big toenail and doesn’t want to go through the healing process. I am so flattered she values my skills that she flew all thew ay from la to Michigan for me to help her.

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Thanks for watching my video about Pedicure Tutorial: Thickest Toenail Ever Transformation

Thanks for watching my video on Pedicure Tutorial: Satisfying Toenail Transformation

Видео 👣 Pedicure Tutorial: Satisfying Toenail Transformation 👣 канала The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials
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