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WORLD OF ANIMALS 8K Ultra HD – Animals Around The Planet with REAL Nature Sounds

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I inserted interesting facts into subtitles to provide educational value to my films.
You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of a YouTube film, and choose from 53 different languages available.

Some footage have been originally recorded in 8K resolution and some in 4K. I upscaled all 4K films to 8K resolution, and I made color correction, thus resulting a new highly quality film.
I usually prefer to produce high resolution films on my channel which takes a longer time than 4K processing, but the result is worth the effort.

Some sequences in the movie were recorded with original sounds, but not all.
In order to have more realistic atmosphere in these films and viewers to have better viewing experience, I have added natural sounds like wind noise, sounds of waves and water, natural sounds of different animals and birds chirping.

This film is a nature ambiance film where you can enjoy watching the beauty of Earth wildlife. You can see creatures around the Earth in their natural habitats.
In jungle and rain forest you can see different types of monkey, orangutan, gorilla, puma, cougar, anteater, snakes, frogs, tropical birds as parrots and toucans.
The vervet is a small monkey, common in East Africa while emperor tamarin is a small monkey native to the southwest Amazon. Silverback gorilla is one of the biggest, most powerful living primates. Orangutans are great apes native to the rain forests of Indonesia and Malaysia.
Inside of savanna lives lots of wild creatures as lions, elephants, wildebeest, warthogs, zebras, rhinos, gazelles, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, ostrich. Wildebeest, also called gnu, are antelopes native to Eastern and Southern Africa. Ostrich is a large flightless bird found only in open country in Africa. Giraffe is the tallest living terrestrial mammal and the largest ruminant on Earth.
A forest is a type of habitat that has a dense population of trees and is home of wolves, foxes, bears, tigers, squirrels, deer and many more.
Wetlands and swamps are important to many migratory bird species and even to large mammals like deer, elk, buffalo, hippo and bears who commonly use wetlands for finding food and shelter.
In this film marine wildlife are represented by: sea turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks, sea lions, seals.

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Software Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects Pro
Software Photo Editing: Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Lightroom

▶ All The Footage Used In The Video Is Licensed.
▶ All The footage Was Edited And Color Corrected By Me.
▶ This video was given a special license directly from the artists and the right holders.
▶ All music on the channel is copyrighted.

00:00-00:30 Intro
00:31-05:26 Jungle/Rain forest
05:27-11:21 Savanna
11:22-13:16 Arctic and Tundra
13:17-18:21 Forest/Woodland
18:22-21:16 Wetland/Swamp
21:17-23:28 Marine
23:29-24:49 Mountain
24:50-25:13 Desert
25:14-26:35 Domestic Animals
26:36-27:06 Outro

Thumbnail image by Alexas_Fotos

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Видео WORLD OF ANIMALS 8K Ultra HD – Animals Around The Planet with REAL Nature Sounds канала 8K VIDEOS HDR
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