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You've Gotta See Hackers - Essential Cyberpunk Movie Reviews

You youngsters won’t believe us, but there was a time when people didn’t even know what the internet was. Let’s flashback to the early-1990s when people were just learning how to register domains. New users were learning to install their AOL CD-ROMs to dial into services and check their electronic mail. These were halcyon days where the value of information at scale hadn’t been truly realized and exploited.

Enter Hackers, a wild and crazy dive into the subculture the movie not only failed to influence, but instead heavily mischaracterized and depicted as juvenile and almost entirely criminal.

This action-adventure flick tells the story of a group of teenage hackers who have to clear their own names before they are arrested for crimes they didn’t commit. The movie bombed at the box office, bringing in $7.5 million against a $20 million-dollar budget.

Those things don’t matter, because they left us with an over the top depiction of hacker culture at the height of the mythos’ origin. But that doesn’t matter either, because seriously, you need to see this movie.


Видео You've Gotta See Hackers - Essential Cyberpunk Movie Reviews канала [CyberPunks.com]
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