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David Gates & Bread Greatest Hits With Lyrics

Bread greatest hits collection of love songs. Including some of David Gates' releases. Music playlist with onscreen lyrics.

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[00:00] 0) Introduction
[00:10] 1) Make It With You
[03:21] 2) Everything I Own
[06:27] 3) Baby I'm A Want You
[08:53] 4) If
[11:27] 5) Aubrey
[15:05] 6) Diary
[18:12] 7) Lost Without Your Love
[21:06] 8) It Don't Matter To Me
[23:55] 9) Sweet Surrender
[26:30] 10) Never Let Her Go
[29:34] 11) I Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye

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[Bread Love Songs] [Bread Greatest Hits] [David Gates]
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